Keep aligning yourself with positive people and see what happens. A multitude of opportunities and possibilities. Oftentimes, people are comfortable with you remaining stagnant because if you start changing, it becomes a glaring reflection of what they’re not doing and wish they would have. And then suddenly, it becomes “you think you’re better than”. I say, #girlboo and #boybye!! I am better, and I hope you’d want the same for yourself. Don’t settle for mediocrity because it makes someone else uncomfortable to see you thriving. It’s cliché, but we all have one life to live and I’d rather do it on my terms than somebody else’s.

#GoalGetter #Leap2016 #IRockandISlay #IAintSorry



  1. Hello LaChelle! 🙂 This is Debra-Lucy your old neighbor! I love Amazon! My sister told me about your new book and I’m so excited! I’ll post a review on Amazon! You might see me at one of you book signings! I’m so proud of you! 🙂

    • Hey Debra-Lucy! Thanks so much and so sorry I’m seeing this post so late. Can’t wait to hear your thoughts on Sister Surrogate. I hope you enjoy it. 🙂

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