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The Dating Game: Short Stories About the Search for Mr. Right

From fairytale romances to dating disasters and everything in between, The Dating Game chronicles the stories of hopefuls on their journey toward happily ever after. In this compilation of dating stories, sixteen writers share tales of adventures and experiences while on the quest toward finding Mr. Right.

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Successful in her career, Martika Jordan hasn’t had much luck when it comes to love and relationships and finding her ideal mate. Growing up an only child, she’s always dreamed of having a family to model that of her favorite TV family, the Huxtables. And with a series of failed relationships and dating mishaps, she’d given up on that dream, but when someone from her past resurfaces that could all change.


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Sister Surrogate

Bridgette, Ivy, and Savannah have always been close…but their sisterhood hasn’t been without its challenges. Yet these sisters always manage to come together in times of need.

When Savannah, the youngest sister, is faced with a life-altering illness, which threatens her lifelong desire to have children, one of her sisters offers to give her the ultimate gift – to become her surrogate.

While Savannah is overwhelmed with happiness and gratitude about her impending motherhood, not everyone in the family shares her sentiments. In fact, the upcoming bundle of joy has created a discord that this family may never be able to overcome.


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