Sister Surrogate


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Three sisters and a baby equal family drama… Bridgette, Ivy and Savannah have always been close…but their sisterhood hasn’t been without its challenges. Yet these sisters always manage to come together in times of need. When Savannah, the youngest sister, is faced with a life-altering illness, which threatens her lifelong desire to have children, one of her sisters offers to give her the ultimate gift- to become her surrogate. While Savannah is overwhelmed with happiness and gratitude about her impending motherhood, not everyone in the family shares her sentiments. In fact, the upcoming bundle of joy has created a discord that this family may never be able to overcome.


What readers have to say about ‘Sister Surrogate’


“Sister Surrogate is an awesome read. I experienced so many different emotions. Could not put it down. Waiting on the movie!”

“An amazing story of hope, God’s grace, the bond of sisters and the love of a family. Once I started reading it, I couldn’t put it down. I was inspired, encouraged and uplifted.”

“Awesome book, read it in one day. Three sisters: Bridgette, Ivy and Savannah had a very close relationship with one another. This book is full of twists and turns, and will have you on an emotional roller coaster. This is a great book about love and sacrifice. Loved it!!!!”

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